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If you run into any hitch while completing your form or any other SIWES portal related issues, please send an email to siwes.portal[@]

For enquiries about SIWES Unit, call the following numbers:
Or Send an email to siwes[@]

1: Only students who are eligible to undergo either the SIWES or SWEP programme are authorised to create new accounts. You may visit your Departmental SIWES Coordinator or Examination Officer to confirm your eligibility (if in doubt).

2: You must also be active on the University Students' Portal before you can create a new account.

3: Select the appropriate Account Type and Sign Up with your Matric Number and the SIWES Access Card obtained at the designated locations.

4: Check and Fill out your information correctly in the subsequent forms presented and submit as appropriate. You will be required to upload a passport photograph image of yourself which should not be more than 50 Kilobyte in filesize and the Width and Height is between 150 and 250 Pixels.

5: Once your account has been successfully created, sign in as a Returning User from the Portal Home to gain access to all the information and forms required for your programme.


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